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an ornament each year that represents their activity of the year (soccer, basketball, ballet) or a favorite memory of that year (getting braces, a family trip) and write the date on the ornament.One year I hung Miss B's ballet slippers from her first year of ballet on the tree with the date and her name as an ornament.Our kids treasured this special shopping trip with Gram and Poppy that also includes a lunch date.

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For many years my mom hosted an Annual Ornament Gift Exchange similar to the goofy White Elephant gift exchange swap.Each participant brought a wrapped ornament and after drawing numbers, the ornament would be unveiled or stolen.Or Use the Postagram service to send thank you notes with your child wearing or playing with the gift given to them.This Portal is all about Bypassing Internet Censorship.Samantha Hunt's first novel, published here after the Orange-shortlisted success of The Invention Of Everything Else, is bold, spare, original and irredeemably fey.

After 200 pages of prose which strains for poetic effect, it is no accident that the heroine drowns - literally - in a sea of words.

First stop is at a Dariy Queen to get a Blizzard for everyone to enjoy as you make the trek to see holiday lights throughout the town!

Our kids love to vote on the "best" display of the year.

My favorite tradition is one my mom started when we were little.

We use a Nativity set and we leave baby Jesus put away until Christmas morning.

with 50 Ideas to Light Up Your Community with Kindness to include sidewalk chalk greetings to treats and posters of gratitude to paying for someone’s Starbucks.