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They would make a lot of money because it’s failsafe, it’s secure.” Terry Reed, an FBI agent in San Diego, is part of a Border Corruption Task Force and he acknowledges that the problem of corrupt border guards is growing.

He recounts one of the most important cases, which started with a tip from an informant who alleged that a guard at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry known as – “the white guy” or “the blond” – was working with a smuggling operation. Then, a year later, another tip led to a woman named Aurora Torres, who was a suspected smuggler. At a meeting in a Mc Donald’s in San Diego, which was secretly videotaped, Torres agreed to transport a client across the border, saying it was a sure thing because she was working with an officer at the Otay Mesa port.

His study indicates that 97% of the people who try to cross the border eventually succeed, despite all the obstacles.

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“These smuggling groups can afford it,” reports Bergman.“When Torres was arrested, the FBI found nearly half a million dollars in a safe in her bedroom.Back In Tijuana, “Rafael,” the smuggler, tells Bergman he’s not worried about going out of business any time soon, due to a U. “Unless you can stop poverty or hunger, it will never stop, because people will always want to help their families.Doesn’t matter how tall the wall is, they will just dig a hole then.We call him “Rafael.” He’s been a smuggler for ten years and he tells Bergman how he got started in the business.

“I had this friend who had a lot of money and he was like 16 and I was like 18 at the time and I was like, dude, how did you make all that money? “He didn’t want to tell me at first, and then when he told me, I didn’t believe him.Buses carry the illegal migrants who are caught back across the border, where they usually turn around and try again. Rafael says he was caught smuggling once, but was quickly released. “I have known inspectors that are crooked,” asserts Rafael.There is one guaranteed way for migrants to get across on their first try, says Rafael – if a smuggling operation is able to bribe a U. “But you would never talk about them and you will never say you have one, because it’s your golden meal ticket because those are like very, very hard to catch.What she didn’t know was that the client was an undercover FBI operative.When he was driven to the border, the operative says a blond Customs Inspector quickly waved their car through.As a result the smugglers say they’re making more money than ever.” In the past, illegal migrants crossed the border at spots where they were less likely to be spotted – sometimes risking long treks through the desert. It’s the busiest land border crossing in the world.