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Part I: The Millennium Approaches takes place in 1986 New York City and introduces us to 3 overlapping story-lines - a young gay couple one of whom reveals he has AIDS; a tough as nails, un-stereotypically gay power-attorney diagnosed with AIDS; and a troubled Mormon couple recently relocated to New York City.

To be precise the full title of the play is Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia On National Themes.

We tend to leave off that last part and I believe with the passage of time, that portion of the title holds an ever more important role in explaining the nature and purpose of the play.

I think this might be the first Showmance installment that does not feature two people in the theatre.

Allison: We were introduced by a person that works in the theatre, so maybe that works? I love that [Ashley] has her own world and I have my own world.

If the play were merely about these 3 plot-lines, this work would have been turned into a soap opera running on Lifetime Television every night at 9pm.

However, Tony Kushner's opus is contextually much deeper.What about the cast, you ask - without a doubt it is simply top notch.As customary with this work, the cast plays multiple characters - and often those choices of who plays which alternate character are, themselves, a clever social commentary all in themselves.Between the two of us we meet so many different kinds of people.We like different things about what each other does.In his New York debut, Zachary Quinto plays a superbly analytical, emotionally torn Louis Ironson.