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This comes in handy when debugging internal modules since we now preserve the scroll position and all other view data for internal module editors.

Here are the new default settings: There's also a new menu item Use Ctrl Click for Multi-Cursor in the Selection menu to quickly toggle this setting.

The Go To Definition and Open Link gestures will also respect this setting and adapt such that they do not conflict.

When the documentation fly-out is expanded, it will stay expanded (across VS Code windows, sessions and updates) every time autocomplete/suggestions is triggered, until you explicitly close it either using the close button or by pressing to move the focus to the documentation fly-out such that it can now receive keyboard shortcuts for Page Up/Down actions.

For screen reader users, once the documentation fly-out is expanded, navigating the suggestion list will read out the label and documentation (if any) of the item in focus.

In doing so, most of the Emmet commands were re-implemented.

If you see any changes in the behavior of any Emmet commands, please create an issue.

to make it easier to discover and install SCM providers from the VS Code Marketplace.

The command is available under the Switch SCM Provider...

Also you can now scroll beyond the first line when the Find widget is visible and the Find widget won't cover the matched results.

We'll automatically scroll the window a little bit to make sure the matched results are not covered by the Find widget when you are navigating between them.

Previously available as the popular Better Merge extension, this functionality is now built-in.