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In general, enthusiasts suggest installing the official Intel storage drivers for Intel chipsets and the Microsoft drivers for AMD chipsets.To ensure that the MS drivers get installed, in Windows, go to Device Manager and select the SSD from “Disk Drives”.Functionally, however, you can still interact with both systems in the same manner.

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Mac OSX: For OSX builds older than Lion, you should manually install TRIM for it to work. TRIM optimizes your drive, preventing stutter and slowdown.

Unlike in a platter drive, SSDs don’t overwrite data marked as erased.

To get started enabling AHCI: Windows: If you have not installed the AHCI drivers in Windows, then your computer will experience BSOD upon boot.

Windows 7 became the first Windows OS to feature TRIM command. WARNING: If you originally installed your computer with it set to IDE, enabling ACHI in Windows will cause the dread Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on boot.

Additionally, Linux purportedly supports software based TRIM in RAID arrays, although with some complications.

Many SSDs suffer from various bugs at the time they first reach markets.Instead of the SSD controller marking which blocks require erasure, the operating system performs this role.Unfortunately, TRIM is entirely dependent on driver and operating system compatibility.So if any issue arises within the OS or installed drivers, TRIM will fail to function.BIOS/EFI distinction: The Basic Input Output System was fairly recently replaced by the Extended Firmware Interface system in newer computers.However, if a technical glitch or configuration error exists, TRIM may not function and the drive will run out of free space – however, as it runs out of free space, the drive will slow dramatically.