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I strive to keep the originals with the piece because, who knows…one day someone will want to restore it to its original state or at least try (I think the paint furniture wave will wane at some point). Back in the summer, I announced I finally got my recipe made for my own furniture wax and I have been using it ever since.Many have asked for the recipe, but I am hoping to make this available once I get it to where I like it. ” A poly topcoat would be a perfect choice if you want more of a shimmer and longer lasting protection.

You can find it here at Lux This piece of hand me down furniture looks nice in this photo, but the top and left side have cracks in them.It would need too much work and expense to fix , so I am going to add my own style to it using the gift-wrap and paint.Sometimes using what’s available is the easiest way to update furniture.Since I wanted to keep the pulls as close to the original as possible as I have a thing against painting good brass.I am very pleased with this finish and excited to be offering it in my shop (SOLD). I hope this inspired you on how to update an outdated dresser.

Take a second look at your own furniture, or those worn out pieces you see in thrift stores, flea markets, and at garage and estate sales. Pin and share to inspire others to try to update furniture too! To get these DIY tips & tricks in your inbox, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.

My go-to for that effect is Rub N Buff – a wax that comes in all sorts of finishes and creates a wonderful lustre and can be used in numerous applications.

I chose Ebony, like I used in the dresser makeover for my sister-in-law.

I wanted to find a way I could use this gift-wrap where I could enjoy the pattern in my daily life instead of only wrapping gifts with it and giving it away.

When I started to update my guest room I got an idea on how I could incorporate it into the room.

I roughed up the wood just a tiny bit with sandpaper.