Tom daley and sophie lee dating

” Tom and Dustin have been spending time in London, where they have visited historical sight Stonehenge with their friends Sophie Lee and fashion publicist Drew Kuhse. 10 pictures inside of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black stepping out for a romantic dinner in London…

Tom Daley is known for his amazing diving skills and for that absolutely killer bod.

Perhaps I'm a bit envious of Tom and Sophie - they're having a whale of a time on their trip - but it all feels like a home movie (there's even footage that they film of each other, to make it even more insular.) Put it this way - you and your group of friends might think that you'd be great on television, and you'd love watching it with each other.

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Tom and Dustin are an engaged duo who invited a couple for a double date.

Before they are aware, they are all lost in the core of a bloodstained battlefield, fighting to stay alive.

But while that's all very well and good as a teenage rite of passage, it doesn't necessarily make for compelling television, and that's the problem here.

All of us have stories about incorrectly read maps, weird foods and accommodation nightmares.

A quick Google foray into the highs and lows of the budgie smuggle (not for the faint hearted) reveals that, though the style may be unforgiving, its reach is all-encompassing and democratic.

For every Beckham, there’s a Briatore; for every Tom Daley, all coltish and nubile in his GB branded tinies, there’s a Roberto Cavalli, like a teabag in butcher’s twine. Because this isn’t about body image and the pursuit of abs beautiful.The show follows Olympic bronze medal winner Tom Daley and his best friend Sophie Lee backpack around the world for six weeks to get life-changing experiences, whilst in each country Daley will try some extreme sports such as bungee jumping and flying a jet-plane to raise money for a brain tumour charity.Catriona Wightman of Digital Spy described the show as not particularly enjoyable and having little depth, writing that "it all feels like a home movie" which "doesn't necessarily make for compelling television".But after what seems like forever of concern about Tom not being able to do it, the weather clears and he does it after all.And while it's always fun seeing someone skydive and getting a peek at the beautiful scenery, Tom just doesn't have anything particularly intriguing to say about the experience other than that it gave him a wedgie and some chafing., because both Tom and Sophie just seem like normal teenagers who are excited to be travelling the world (sort of) on their own.The 19-year-old Olympian and his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black grabbed dinner after the first episode of the new season of Tom‘s diving competition series aired.