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Within a matter of hours the plea had spread like wildfire and was answered a thousand-fold, even reaching the Gladiator star in Australia. Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd‏ joined in, tweeting: 'Happy birthday Ollie from middle earth. Lots of love, Peregrine 'Pippin' Took x'Star Trek's Wil Wheaton added: 'Hi Ollie! Remember to always be kind, work hard, do your best, and PLAY MORE GAMES!! I have decided that your official 9th birthday new name is 'Ollie the Mighty'. #bullyssmell'Even Monica Lewinsky‏, now an anti-bullying advocate, got involved tweeting: 'happy birthday, ollie! 'The strength of the Wolf is in the pack Ollie,' the Wolves account tweeted. Have a great day.'Dozens more sports personalities and Olympians joined in, including cyclist Chris Hoy, cricketer Graeme Swann, and rugby star Jason Robinson who wrote: 'Happy Birthday Ollie!!!Beat that: 'The bully keeps saying to him that everything O has, he has bigger/better/more often. From a little man that many said would never make it. Enjoy your day.'British race walker Tom Bosworth was among the first to notice Christopher's tweet, wrote: Hi Chris, saw ur message.

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