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He's the revered 42-year-old Australian television journalist and sports presenter, but when he was just 29 he was Cleo Bachelor Of The Year.

Ryan Phelan was crowned with the title when he was a divorced father of two looking for a second chance at love.

Dan suffered shattered bones in his feet, legs and pelvis after an accidental fall from a third floor balcony at Hotel Grand D’Amour in Paris earlier this year.

Since the incident, Bambi has been spotted without her wedding ring, with recent reports in New Idea suggesting their marriage is on the rocks after she was left 'mortified' when her designer husband set up a Go Fund Me page to ask fans to fund his recovery.

'She was completely un-human, it was the only thing I could do to get out of there!

' he told in the published interview more than 10 years ago.

The celebrity TV chef was 28 when he was nominated for Cleo Bachelor Of The Year.

He revealed he had a tendency to 'lose' numbers of girls he met out in London, where he was based for work at the time, and often worked late Friday nights instead of hitting the clubs.In 2006 he made headlines for exposing himself and simulating masturbation on a trophy at the ARIA Awards.In recent weeks it's been rumoured that Axle may return to Summer Bay to revive his Home And Away role, as he made his TV return as the host of The Wall.Then, just one year later, he was nominated for Cleo Bachelor Of The Year.And Jason Dundas, now 35, once admitted to faking 'the Big O' to escape the company of a woman who he described as a 'female energiser bunny'.Over the past 10 years, both his following and his adventures with best pal Hamish Blake have grown, and their successful radio and television shows take them all over the world.