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Adrian Woll was born a Frenchman on December 2, 1795, in St. With Mina he disembarked near the mouth of the Santander River on April 21, 1817, and assisted in taking possession of Soto la Marina three days later. Heinrich August Pierer, Universal-Lexikon der Gergangenheit und gegenwart oder Neuestes encyclopadisches worterbuch der wissenschaften, kunste und Gewerbe (New York: L. 5 Woll served as quartermaster general under Santa Anna during the latter's victorious campaign in 1835 against the Federalist uprising under the pure-blooded Indian Juan Al- varez in the south and Francisco Garcia in the State of Zacatecas. Juan Paez Hurtado to Governor Chacon, Santa Fe, October 4, 1707. 53 Unfortunately for both sides, the Navahos soon fell from grace, a tribute to their inchoate political society. 64 This quantity of plunder was a good reward for the expense involved and represented a greater loss for the Navahos than what some of them had gained from raiding in the Rio Grande Valley. One must conclude that the Navahos had been the aggressors and had been getting the worst of the deal in the guerrilla warfare since the days of Governor De Vargas. They could have material comfort without seeking to become "millionaires," especially since they are credited with psychological values in living that mitigate the urge for material possessions. Clyde Kluckhohn, "A Navaho Personal Document with a Brief Paretian Analy- sis," Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, vol. It is hoped that the list will both call attention to the essays and enable them to be located without a search of entire files of the New Orleans Daily Picayune, where they once appeared. So that the truthfulness of the information given in this report might be considered legal [official] and the most truth- ful that can be had at present, there are in this city at present the Maestro de Campo Juan Dominguez de Mendoza, Sar- gento Maestro Bartholome Gomez, Captain Diego Lucero and others born and reared here and presently residing in New Mexico. Germain-en-Laye, near Paris, and educated for the military profession. 1849 ; Miguel Angel Peral, Diccionario Biogrdfico Mexicano (Mexico, D. Woll escaped Mina's fate in the revolutionary move- ment and thus began a half century of active participation in Mexican military and political affairs, adhering from first to last to the fortunes of General Santa Anna. As quartermaster of the army in the Texas cam- paign of 1836 he reached San Antonio de Bexar on March 8 6 and served under General Vicente Filisola, second in com- mand of the army. Due to chronic illness, Governor Flores appointed an act- ing governor in October of 1715. Juan Paez Hurtado was acting governor until Valverde arrived. 69 To this can be added the contem- porary judgment that pressure from other foes gave the Navahos something else to think about than raiding the val- ley of the Rio Grande. ." There is no mention of any trouble in Bustamante's residencies, nor in Governor Olavid's (1737- 1739) residenda, Nert Mexico Originals, PE 17. Thomas, ed., After Coronado: Spanish explorations northeast of New Mexico, 1696-1727, pp. They were printed between December, 1819, and Septem- ber, 1841, and complete files of the issues concerned are available in the New Orleans Public Library, and in more scattered form in the offices of the paper's present day de- scendant, the Times-Picayune. The following note appears in the issue of December 11, 1839, page 2, column 4 : Rocky Mountain Sketches. 59 By reading it [this report] to them they can give their opinions and they may add or subtract what they see that is not true. “Both brands embody the beach to bar lifestyle so partnering with Authentic Jose Cuervo Margarita’s felt very natural.Allow us both to take you to an imaginary coastline far away with a cocktail in hand!Oh, and of course there's Avion if you’re partying with Vincent Chase or getting a huge endorsement deal to pretend like anyone still drinks that after summer 2010.

And if you're really that sophisticated betch, you'll claim that Patron XO Cafe is like, the best shit ever, literally.Sure you and your bestie could be having an epic fight over why Taylor Swift does or does not suck (and she does) but after a few tequila shots it's like, Turns out licking salt off your hand and biting into a piece of lime just has a way of bringing even the most contentious betches together.So betches, stay away from margaritas unless you haven’t eaten anything all day because those calories will fuck you up, and not in the way you want.reference collection book Kansas city public library Kansas city, missouri From the collection of the ' d 7 n z m o Prelinger h v Uibrary San Francisco, California 2007 y^ / ;"';;; ;'r Historical IS Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe . Pictures of Woll may be found in Egon Corti, Maximilian and Charlotte of Mexico (New York: A. As a symbol of the occasion, the spokesman for the visitors was given a baton. No names were men- tioned, but the region was open for attacks from both Ute and Comanche warriors. ..." I judge this spring to be the one known in later times as O jo Amarillo, near the head of Canon Largo. A report on the news from New Mexico includes the statement: "concerning how the Apaches of Navaho attacked the presidio and Pueblos of El Paso and even New Mexico and the measures taken for their repulse. He entered the Province about fifteen leagues (38 miles). The water flows and from it they irrigate some garden plots which they plant in season with considerable corn, squash (pumpkin) and melons. A., 1713-1714, Document 199, Escalante mentions the campaign, op. Bancroft gives the figure of 400 men for this expedition. Madrid took the route up the Chama Valley by way of the Piedra Lumbre, probably crossing the river at El Vado and without doubt keeping well south of the Rio San Juan, seeking the Navahos as usual on their mesa tops. As Bias Martin recalled, they traveled about twenty leagues from the Piedra Lumbre to the Province of Navaho. The proof advanced was their possession of some horses and Spanish armor. A long letter by Fray Antonio Miranda of Acoma is quoted by Escalante as one point of view on this problem of the Pueblo folk. They make some wool blankets and baskets and some buckskins which they trade" with the Pueblo folk. An inconstancy in behavior has often been attributed to the Indian in general by the white man throughout their history of conflict. Reeve, "Seventeenth Century Navaho-Spanish Relations," New Mexico Historical Review, vol. They are a people who admire in- dividual initiative and thrift, but are cool toward the practice of securing too large an amount of worldly goods per person : "to have either too much or too little gives grounds for suspicion on the part of" one's neighbors. Along this route it would be a little longer than from Mexico to El Paso del Rio Norte. Pt MAK251958 January, 1958 '"' ,", \-: : ' / %Tp His is a biographical sketch of a rather prominent and A influential "soldier of fortune" whose integrity, honesty, attention to duty, and gentlemanly conduct most Texans of the days of the Republic respected, even if they disliked the government he so often represented. Knopf, 1929), I, 150, 262; Vicente Riva Palacio, Mexico d traves de los Sigloa (Mexico: Publicaciones Herrerias, c! 177 178 NEW MEXICO HISTORICAL REVIEW not slow in taking advantage of these opportunities, for on July 3, 1816, we find him commencing his Mexican military career at Baltimore as a lieutenant-colonel on the staff of General Francisco Xavier Mina to aid in the establishment of Mexican independence. ADRIAN WOLL 179 Woll defeated Lieutenant Colonel Joaquin Solorzano and en- tered Colima on November 15, where he freed the prisoners and established in office persons loyal to the revolutionary movement before moving on to Morelia with his troops. This was an early effort to inculcate in the minds of the Navahos the white man's concept of a final or supreme voice of authority in society. Captain Holguin was so conserva- tive that he even suggested that action be delayed until in- structions had been received from the Viceroy. They live on the summits of the mesas for security against the Co- 60. "In this district there is a small lake which appeared to be rain water, and in some canyons they found some hollows with rain water which the Indians preserved with sand dykes." He also stated that they lived on mesa tops for pro- tection against their enemies the Utahs and Comanches. It was argued however that they secured these items from the pagans through barter in times of peace. 63 Captain Madrid attacked the Navahos at different loca- tions and managed to capture seven, kill about thirty, and to carry away about 200 fanegas of corn, some other grain, and 110 head of sheep. If this were a true interpretation of In- dian character, it would be difficult to account for a period of peace between the Navahos and the Spanish and Pueblo peo- ple that now lasted for a half century. 70 The possession of sheep in the eighteenth century, acquired from the Spanish, and their older farm economy provided them with a liveli- hood that made less necessary the raiding of settlements in the Rio Grande Valley. Notes and Documents The checklist which follows is designed to facilitate refer- ence to a rich and varied collection of travel essays, never reprinted, dealing with life in the Southwest Mexico and Texas in the early days of the nineteenth century. Leaving Florida on a few entradas [expeditions] one could find or at least explore all the lands that are in between from one district to the other. Both Jose Cuervo and 6 Shore Road founder/designer Pooja Kharbanda share a fundamental love for the beach-to-bar lifestyle.