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But what we can’t forget are the women who graced that sort of scary period in time.

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She's pretty awesome.'Colin, who has never been married before, recalled that 'The first time she hosted was the first year I was a writer on the show, and so we've kind of known each other since then.And she's, you know, she's the best.'Scarlett, 32, had finalized her second divorce earlier that month.Colin wore a simple black coat and had neatly folded up the hems of his dark jeans, slinging a black bag from his right shoulder.Scarlett was seen rising to tiptoe, her arms flung round the dashing Colin's neck, as they locked lips outdoors.While Anne is forced to spend a period of time at a convent, her blonde-haired sister Mary becomes Henry VIII’ mistress and lives the life that was to have been Anne’s.

If previously Anne was merely a pawn in her uncle’s plans and his greed for wealth and recognition, on her return, she is an experienced and assured tactician who is determined to become more than one of the king’s many mistresses.

The Ghost in the Shell star's floaty frock made for the perfect holiday ensemble, thanks to its crochet and lightweight design.

It featured teeny spaghetti straps and a frilled square-cut neckline, along with button detailing that trailed down towards her hips.

The life of Anne Boleyn (1501–1536), who came to the English court at an early age together with her siblings Mary and George to further her family’s influence, is an opulent costume drama, romantic tragedy and a magnificent tale of betrayal, passion and love.

Contrary to expectations, Anne is unable to win the Henry VIII’ favour.

Along with xtina, here are the 20 hottest celebrities of that era.