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As Steve himself pointed out, it might also be the Windows Firewall blocking the Service. So I gave up, wiped the hard drive, and re-installed Windows 7 clean, with only the default options.A massive 10 GB download from Origin later, everything now works peachy-keen. Here's hoping that Punk Buster stays working after I re-install Steam.If this post is blue, then it's an action taken in line with EA community rules. I am a Battlelog moderator and my views may not officially represent EA/DICE/VISCERAL.

I did all that and still had the same problem of kicking me after a few minutes of play. I finally read what was in the window and was enlightened.I went to my services and found that pnkbstr A was running but pnkbstr B was not running. Stated reason: Punk Buster kicked player 'Crazed Moon Man' (for 0 minutes) ... -- Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punk Buster.OS: Windows 7 64bit Game: Bf3 Problem: Getting kicked from Bf3 Error: Pnkbstr error If your getting kicked from Bf3 due to a Pnkbstr error you may need to ensure that Pnkbstr is in fact running.

Check your processes list and check to see if Pnkbstr and Pnkbstr are listed along with checking to see if Pnkbstr and Pnkbstr are listed, if not due to following: Go here ( and read the FIRST PARAGRAPH, u'll see a link to the service installation program (called PBSVC).However, every time I try to join an online match, Punkbuster kicks me from the game before the window even opens: The message says "RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: Pnk Bstr A.exe". I've tried re-installing Punk Buster, Origin, and Battlefield 3. Running PBSVC (suggested by Bora) showed that Pnk Bustr was blocked by Windows Firewall.I'm running Windows 7 with only Steam, Silverlight, and mouse and game controller drivers. Disabled it, and spent several minutes in a game before being kicked again with an error about Pnk Buster unable to initialize. (-: (This assumes you have installed Punkbuster, and added Battlefield 3 to its games list.) Download PBSVC and run it.Edit: I found a step by step old post that is the same issue wit ha fix. [battlelog.medalofhonor.com] "Reason: Your origin is beta and origin updated 2 days ago Solution 1-Uninstall Origin 2-Install Origin (https:// [origin.com] 3-It must be like in picture (https://i.gyazo.com/49ae7d1e1a3d51c0a5cc6285e2bc3783.png) [i.gyazo.com] Origin/application settings/general/origin beta participation(not click this box)" I knew I could not be the only one!Something with the write permissions of PB in the BF3 install folder must have been borked. 1 to @k1DBLITZ, too - the fastest help you get when you read the documentation properly.