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The date ends up ruined at the very end by Leslie revealing the reason behind it.

Despite all this, Ann has started to find Chris’ relentless optimism charming and asks him for another shot.

Meanwhile, Ann has been shooting Chris down consistently, finding his positivity unnerving, But Leslie convinces her to go out with him to see if Ann can talk him into increasing the budget on their date, which Leslie ambushes.

Ben, sick of living in a motel, moves in with Andy and April and tries to teach them to be grown-ups. Meanwhile, Leslie goes up against Marcia Langman over a painting by Jerry.It’s of half-naked centaur/goddess Diaphena, who Jerry subconsciously painted to look like Leslie, seeing her as a powerful woman.It doesn’t hurt that Chris gets the flu and his stay in the hospital definitely humanizes him in Ann’s eyes.Andy adorably tries to woo April back in every way he can: apologies, flowers, getting advice from relentlessly positive Chris, befriending her new boyfriend, and trying to (incompetently) do everything she doesn’t want to do for a month.They have what must be a very encouraging conversation off-screen and Ann commits to making things work living apart. When Ron and Leslie take a trip to Indiana, she asks Leslie to check up on him.

Leslie finds feminine items she thinks are evidence of cheating.When a Health Department PR Director job opens up in city hall, Leslie pushes Ann to apply for it, up to the point of scheduling her interview and bringing her crates of binders to study.Ann resents Leslie pushing her and not taking into account that she likes nursing, and Leslie is annoyed by Ann’s lack of ambition and her dating and discarding of various men.April is still too angry to be moved “unless Andy can unkiss Ann.” She even threatens to move to Indianapolis to work for Chris, until Ron (who has been bonding with Andy over meat and sports) convinces her to stop torturing the nice boy before he gives up completely. Leslie has been making great headway into getting the festival sponsors, services and free security nailed down, impressing Ben at every turn.When he and Chris decide to extend their stay in Pawnee, it’s obvious it’s more for Leslie and Ann than for the festival.When the gang goes to The Snakehole Lounge to help promote Tom’s newest scheme: a drink called Snakejuice, it gets everyone good and drunk and prompts a huge (and hilariously incoherent) fight between Ann and Leslie.