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Once the domain got verified you will see a green indicator and active status in the domain dashboard of your account.

[As shown in the image below] Once your account is verified and active you may navigate to dashboard and click on the domain under which you want to create email/account. Just fill those and create your first email id with custom domain. it will be the email id and may have alphanumeric, periods, hyphens and underscore.

They charges are pretty high for any type of organizations. If you don’t have any domain and want to purchase then you may buy from any Microsoft partners or buy from Go Daddy, or Dreamhost are best in the segment.

My clients are ecstatic that I can set passwords not to expire.

Smaller businesses are being migrated from the older Microsoft Online Services platform; my clients’ experiences have not been completely smooth but no data has been lost and support for minor glitches has been readily available. So although I’m going to describe a technical issue, it’s a fairly insignificant one that has affected less than a dozen people in my personal experience. Basically, at random times Outlook pops up a box and asks for the password for the Office 365 account.

It’s usually when Outlook starts but occasionally happens in the middle of the day.

Most people find that checking the box to “remember my credentials” makes the prompt disappear for days or weeks but others have it popping up frequently, as often as every few minutes.

If you have any query or problem let me know by commenting below.

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So, go for outlook custom domain for you blog and business.

If you are looking for a custom domain email on a reliable host for free, then Microsoft Outlook is the best free solution.

Quick Tip: If you are now able to receive emails to your newly set up email accounts then make sure that there is no other MX records pointing to @ or the naked domain.

I have recently got a chance to log into someone else’s account and fix the issue.

You may also sign up for a new account if you don’t have any.