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“There’s something very special about the atmosphere,” says Dave Flynn, the founder of London’s Capital Soul Club and a regular guest DJ at Nude Restaurant.

There are no direct flights, but indirect options include Finnair, Emirates and KLM.The journey takes around 13 hours and costs around £560.But after visiting London’s 100 Club to witness a northern-only set by scene “face” Keb Darge, he changed his playlists.Sawamoto, Yoshioka and Iwabuchi made the same trip to further their musical education, returning with tales of sweat-soaked camaraderie and rare records, and with a willingness to spread the gospel in their home cities of Kobe and Osaka.We had to start from nothing and teach our audience what northern soul was.

Songs, dancing, spirit – all of this we had to communicate to our crowd.Northern favourites such as The O’Jays’ gliding by The Yum Yums provide the soundtrack, as the scene’s star dancers unveil their repertoire of spins, kicks and drops. I work long hours,” says Sawamoto as he takes a cigarette break at the bottom of the stairs leading to the club.“Collecting, playing and listening to music like this is a huge sense of release for me.” Back inside, things are winding down.Up above, the centre of Kobe – Japan’s sixth-largest city – is liberally populated with human traffic, blissfully unaware of the dancefloor inferno that is rapidly smouldering underground.Glamorous girls clutch expensive brand-name bags as they totter to dinner from the Motomachi shopping precinct.And we have to keep passing on this information every month.” It was a series of pilgrimages to the UK that formed the basis for Nude Restaurant as it is today.