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The K98k served the Wehrmacht well, and underwent several changes during the 10 year period that it was produced. Various changes were made in an attempt to reduce production costs and to increase actual production. This weapon, despite plans to replace it with weapons of greater firepower and lower production costs, remained the primary infantry weapon for the entire conflict. BA(00) Argentina lets loose a real strange one here. Epic at over 1 hour and 40 minutes, this may be Argentina's version of a Peter Jackson styled "Bad Taste" type of film. Obscure film from France and in French Language - F.

Most received new M48 barrels with 98k type front sight hoods not found on Model 1924's.

Carbine features deleted rear swivel removed and plugged with dowel front carbine sling points ground off and polished.

M48 Rifle: The M48 Mauser was manufactured in Yugoslavia in 1948 and is very similar to the German K98k. VZ/24 Rifle: The Czech VZ/24 rifle was manufactured in Czechoslovakia and is very similar to the German K98k.

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Nearly all M24's were produced either before or during World War II, at the Kragujevac Arsenal plant. The final additions to the M24 family were the M24/47 and M24/52 rifles.

Both were produced by reworking existing prewar Serbian Model 24 Mausers and then refurbished with newer Belgian parts during World War II at the Zastava Arms (formally Kragujevac Arsenal) plant, which was at that time under the control of the postwar communist government.

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This rifle became the standard infantry weapon of all German forces.

A modified, shortened version of the rifle (K98K) was introduced into the Wehrmacht in 1935. Therefore, the length was shorter than the WWI Gewehr 98, had a different front sight, and had a curved, rather than straight bolt action handle with a fixed internal magazine of five rounds.

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