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The first thing you will notice is her exotic look.

Almost all Honduran women have dark and thick hair, brown eyes, and naturally tanned skin, the tone of which may vary from bright olive to a very dark brown.

Soon, a thorough answer to the anonymous question will be written by an adolescent peer educator – with guidance from an adult expert, and posted in a public glass case for all to see and learn from.

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Women from Honduras are often set apart by their perfect, feminine body structure.Sometimes they do not have enough time to spend on their own appearance but it is unnecessary after all, for they are naturally gorgeous!State of World Population 2014 Young people matter.They matter because an unprecedented 1.8 billion youth are alive today, and because they are the shapers and leaders of our global future.LA CEIBA, Honduras – A quiet student approaches a nondescript wooden box and casually slips in a folded piece of paper. At the time, her mother had recently died, two of her sisters had already become adolescent mothers and her grandmother, who had adopted her, had emigrated to the United States in search of work, leaving Jennifer full of questions about how to avoid becoming an adolescent mother, like her sisters, but without many adults to turn to for answers.

Each of these educators has received training on sexual and reproductive health through the Committees for the Prevention of Pregnancies and STIs among Adolescents (COPEITSA) programme, which is supported by UNFPA. She says that when a representative from a local health centre visited her classroom to recruit volunteers for the programme, her hand immediately shot into the air.

“[COPEITSA] is helping young people and women understand their rights, achieve their full potential and live a life with dignity.” Since its launch in 2013, the programme has trained over 1,500 adolescents as peer educators, and they have in turn reached countless more – presenting information at fairs, movie theatres, concerts and on You Tube, handing out flyers from parade floats and even performing educational puppet shows.

“We are getting an education so we can educate others and prevent girls from raising children, which is the phenomenon we are experiencing,” says peer educator Gabriel Alejandro, age 18.

And Gabriel works to diligently answer the questions, and also to engage in dialogue with her fellow students. Indira, who has been a COPEITSA peer educator for two years, agrees.

“There are many myths out there regarding prevention, and if we talk to each other, we are not afraid of being judged,” she says.

“I like to see young people realize they have the capacity to acquire more knowledge and even to help change sexist practices, which are fairly common between men and women here.” – Mildred Tejada State of World Population 2016 She is 10 years old.