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These are delicious varieties which we have grown and taste-tested to ensure superior flavor.(D) Determinate.

These plants are usually, but not always, small and great for container growing or for your small garden.

Our organically grown tomato plants are priced from .25 to .95 each; a couple of our very rare plants are priced higher.

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These delightful tomatoes are as easy to grow as the common hybrids and need no special care other than fluffy, deeply amended, healthy soil, lots of sunshine, moderate watering, clean garden practices and sturdy support.Most of these plants will get really big, up to 7 feet tall, 3 feet wide.They are shipped when they have strong stems and well-developed root systems.All seeds pass individually through my fingers for counting and quality control and are then started by The Tomato Elves from fresh organically grown seeds. Each plant comes to you individually packaged and carefully protected in a sturdy container, with a permanent name label for your garden.Be sure you are going to be home when your plants arrive.

This will help you avoid expedite fees if you need to suddenly change shipping weeks.)NOTE: We ship via Post Office Priority Mail and Golden State Overnight to the Western States.

Occasionally we will send a smaller plant if the root system is well-developed.

The husky dwarf plants are usually shipped at about 5".(Please be sure to double-check your spring or summer vacation schedule before choosing your shipping time.

We will stop the line and get your order out right away. This can cause stunted growth, disease-prone plants, uneven ripening and low production during the season.

Two to three weeks after your last frost date is usually the best time to plant.

They reach a certain predetermined height and then stop growing.