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Of all the franchises that are getting resurrected for profit, JCVD's cult martial arts classic Kickboxer might have been one of the least likely, but alas one seems to have been made, with the man himself reappearing in a supporting role, in a touch of irony now as the trainer with a new star as the aspiring young protégé.

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When Kurt arrives to Thailand, he sees Eric being brutalized by Tong Po.Tong Po puts Eric in a headlock and breaks his neck, killing him.Eric, determined, has made up his mind and tells Kurt he is leaving.A while later, Kurt receives an envelope with Eric's championship medal and a ticket to Bangkok.As for VD himself, he puts on the usual drawn, grey act he's been doing in all his films lately, without any of the humour of dash of Mr.

Zen from the original (not to mention the inexplicable dubbing of his voice?!? The whole thing is like eating a bun without the burger, like the original all over again, but completely flat and without any impact.

Tong Po knocks Kurt out and Crawford informs Kurt that because of what he had attempted, the police have been called in to arrest him.

Flashbacks reveal that Eric Sloane has won the World Karate Championship.

Liu and some officers show up, forcing everyone to disperse except for Kurt, who is with his brother.

At the coroners, Kurt confronts Marcia, blaming her for what had happened to Eric. As Kurt attempts to confront Marcia, he is stopped by police, who then escort him first to meet Master Durand, Eric's Muay Thai trainer, who gives him Eric's money from the fight and then to the airport.

Kurt has learned that the night he is there, Eric is scheduled to fight Tong Po.