Do successful women have trouble dating

Starved of love and sex, they'll grab onto the first guy who approaches them, often making hideous choices because it's usually the sleazy 'womaniser' who has the arrogance and guts to take a punt.

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She could have done so much better' is everyone's immediate reaction. The more successful you are and the better looking you are as a woman, the harder it is to find a partner. Society has always rewarded men for business and money-making skills and women for beauty and it remains the same despite women fighting hard for equality. A high-flying women might be admired but she's also threatening.Most men don't feel 'good enough' to approach her and assume they'll be rejected, so don't even try.The busier you are, the more guilty you are of this common mistake.This is also the reason behind why successful women don't get rid of bad men when they do see their true colours.We have climbed to the top of companies, built million-dollar businesses and forged into traditional male professions.

We’ve positioned ourselves as some of the most powerful voices in politics and on the Internet.It might look like a silly choice to outsiders but, to her, it makes sense.“I caught myself asking him question after question and trying to control everything.” Afterward, she says she felt as if she had been at a business dinner.Doing something about it means arguments, long discussions, therapy – none of which she has time for.While others look in and shake their heads and 'tut tut', she's too busy running a business, jetting about the world, making deals and worrying about staff to notice an errant boyfriend.Beyonce and Jay Z are top of the 'power couple' list, one reason perhaps why she forgave his dalliance with 'Becky with the good hair'.