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If you want to enjoy a meal near Saigon River, sitting at “the desk” area outside is really ideal.

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Here are some dishes of the Deck Saigon:– Cold appetizer-Dressed Crab: The highlight of this dish is the freshness of crab meat. It is also the major raw material for this risotto.

The chef uses simple spices to highlight the salty of crab meat. When cooking risotto, rice has to be crunchy and starchier than normal rice.

Besides, buttery roasted sesame makes natural salty taste of crab meat perfect. Edamame risotto with Parmesan cheese makes cream sauce covering rice thick and viscous.– Roasted duck with watermelon and cashew nut salad: This dish is the mixing of duck meat and watermelon which is not too sweet to make the dish cool.

There are a lot of delicious dishes that customers can enjoy when visiting the romantic and luxurious restaurant.

5 -6 pm is the most ideal time to have beautiful views when the sunset makes the scene more romantic and poetic.

You also can enjoy the scene of Saigon River by night with sparkling lights and delicious dishes in melodious music.

The Deck Saigon is a familiar name to those who enjoy romantic restaurant. The Deck Saigon located in the very tranquil space of An Phu area is worth being visited and will not make you disappointed.

Go along Xuan Thuy Street, turn right at Thao Dien, and then turn left at Tran Ngoc Dien, continue about 100 meters before turning right at Nguyen U Di.

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