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Speaking late in the afternoon, a representative of that Institute said it was encouraging that nearly a quarter of the countries in Africa had contributed to its functioning.

All of these meetings are only open to delegations from FATF members, observer jurisdictions and observer organisations. The Horseshoe Casino restaurant will take space formerly occupied by Johnny Sanchez, a joint venture between celebrity chefs Aaron Sanchez and John Besh, which closed in September.The problems associated with illicit drugs and crime were a major concern in the Caribbean, a geographical area that regrettably served as a bridge between the major producers and consumers of illicit drugs.The international drug trade was inextricably linked to the problem of crime, particularly transnational organized crimes.As a result of its efforts and those of its development partners, poppy cultivation in that country was down 22 per cent and opium production was down 18 per cent.

He said much of these achievements were the result of deliberate steps to strengthen both crop eradication efforts and the counter-narcotics infrastructure.

To that end, they welcomed the Political Declaration and Plan of Action adopted at the fifty-second session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and applauded its recognition of the need for cooperation between developed and developing countries.

The value of the development approach was clearly underlined by the representative of Afghanistan, who said the Government’s counter-narcotics efforts had had remarkable successes across the board in the past year.

With the UNODC, the Caribbean Community had the “CARICOM Social and Development Crime Prevention Action Plan 2009-2013”.

Further, the Heads of State had adopted the “Santo Domingo Pact” in February, which provided for the establishment of a consultative mechanism and internet-based donor assistance database to provide real-time information.

Peru’s representative said drug trafficking should clearly be fought in a synchronised manner on multiple fronts.