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And that's going to get you to contribute more content, and that's going to get you ...more likes and comments.' Parker, who now has two children, said: 'It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways.The trillions of dollars generated annually by the tech industry appears to have not bought any inner peace to the guilt-ridden executives of Silicon Valley.

And, if that wasn't enough, they also sit around naked for hours at a time to try and discover their inner-selves.Participants sit in a circle, arms over one another's shoulders, during a nude encounter group therapy session at the Esalen Institute.In this workshop, participants spent an extended period of time (20 - 48 hours) nude together in an effort to locate their 'real selves.'While it may seem an unusual way to spend their valuable time off, it turns out there's a very good reason these high-flyers are heading to Esalen, a four-hour drive from San Francisco resting atop the scenic bluff of Big Sur.‘There’s a dawning consciousness emerging in Silicon Valley as people recognize that their conventional success isn’t necessarily making the world a better place,’ said Ben Tauber, the new executive director at Esalen, told The New York Times.Esalen is located in scenic Big Sur, California (above) Esalen has historically attracted hippies looking for inner salvation.Another class is titled ‘Connect to Your Inner-Net.’Participants engage in new-age techniques like mindful walking, mindful eating, self-compassion, visualization, yoga, and chanting.

There is also chakra meditation and guitar class.‘I just sold my start-up and needed a place to reflect,’ said Sam Mc Bride, a 31-year-old former tech executive from Chicago.‘To give me some perspective.’‘It’s about putting Silicon Valley back in their bodies,’ said Bodhi Kalayjian, 47.‘Everybody’s got a soul.

’ he said.‘If you do your work, things are always in a state of change.’Visitors can also expect their bank accounts to undergo a state of change.

A weekend at the retreat costs from as little as 0 to ,890 – depending on the accomodations.

In the above file photo, a woman sits on a rock on the cliffs overlooking an ocean playing a wooden flute at the Esalen Institute Tauber is familiar with the tech world – having worked as a product manager at Google and a start-up executive coach.‘The CEOs, inside they’re hurting.

They can’t sleep at night.’The collective existential crisis gripping the tech world has prompted executives to reserve spots and lead sessions.

A five-day workshop will run you anywhere from 5 to ,605, while a seven-day workshop ranges from 0 to ,000.