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Pam fought the impulse to masturbate in the shower. That sound was followed by the splashing sound of her husband urinating.She needed to wash off the odor of female sex secretions, that odor seemed to accompany the wife and mother almost constantly now. Pam emerged from the shower wrapped in a large terry cloth towel.

Acquisition 1/38 (BDSM, NC, WS, VOY, HUM, Bi, M /F) by Headhunter ([email protected]) Pamela woke at AM when she heard the click of the bedside alarm. But she knew that a 37 year old body just wasn't made to take the extreme positions she had been enduring over that past few months.

She quickly reached out from under the covers and hit the snooze alarm. While she was sore she also knew that she was in the best physical shape of her life and the sore muscles would recover quickly.

She would have liked to rub out the knots in her calves, but she didn't want to wake Bill.

So she softly rubbed the muscles she could reach without too much movement.

Pam now had just a few minutes to rinse off the dishes and head to her job at the pre-school.

As she stacked the breakfast plates she saw a light come on in Bess' house. Pam thought about not answering it and quickly leaving the house, but she knew that would be a mistake. A sleepy voice said, "Pam, I was lying here in my bed thinking about you and I just had the most wonderful idea.After applying only a minimum of makeup she woke her 11 and 13 year old daughters.Once downstairs in the kitchen she made breakfast and sack lunches for the girls.Then she trailed her hands down the sleep tee- shirt she wore to bed.She began to gently massage the soreness of her thighs.Soon Pam, Bill and the girls were chatting about the up coming day as they ate breakfast.