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Reply I have been wearing the good morning for about a year, so have some experience with it.

My 2 issues are the bulb is too small for my large tongue. Because the bulb is small it does not pull my tongue out enough so I still snore. I ended cutting to smaller size flanges and is now more comfortable on my gums.

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I just know that my husband doesn’t need to wake me up or wear earplugs as often as he used to (every night) Reply I bought it, tried it and it didn’t work for me.It continually lost suction and difficult to sleep with.It did not work and was a waste of time and money…. I am looking for something that can seal my mouth so that my nasal-only cpap mask will work–often the pressure of the cpap leaks out the mouth when the mouth falls open. Been suffering daily exhaustion for last few weeks because of lack of sleep. So far today, I feel very energetic and don’t have the tired eyes feeling. Reply I purchased this mouthpiece about 2 1/2 weeks ago.I contacted the company and they refused to refund my money not good business. Would this Good Morning Snore work for that purpose do you think? Reply Hi VJ – this is not a paid review I assure you – I state very clearly that you should use my experience as a starting point, but your personal experience may be different. I have had a sleep study and I do not have apnea however my tongue would fall to the back of my throat.The only problem is it will detach from my tongue and either fall out or just sit uselessly in my mouth.

That doesn’t happen often enough for me to not recommend it.

Now I can throw those mouth guards away, and maybe I can have t hat brace removed. Reply Hi Mark, I haven’t tried the GMSS yet but I just ordered it based on your incredibly helpful series of reviews of all these different devices.

I wanted to thank you (and your wife) for testing these out and providing such great info and opinions on all of them.

I was also told to put the flange part behind my teeth, that was a useless suggestion as there would be no resistance for the tongue not to fall back which is the whole idea.

I have also noticed there are no genuine reviews for the first few pages they are all by GMS but under different names. Reply I received my device yesterday and have therefore only used it for one single night but I am more than happy!

Admittedly, my tongue is a little but numb still (20 minutes since I woke up) but I slept through the night.