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First off, all the wireless companies (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) offer parental control options, so those are worth checking out.

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And so much of what happens online, happens using a teens’ phone.It's not simply that digital danger is everywhere in the mobile age.So you can see there are a lot of options, the key being finding the one that gives you the information you need at a reasonable price.I don’t really like the idea of “spying”, I like the term “monitoring” and I think it makes sense as a parent to have an idea of what’s going on, especially since so much activity happens online.It's also that the internet never goes to sleep or stops demanding our attention.

This is particularly challenging for kids armed with smartphones, disappearing-message apps and instant web access, who may really believe that the next text, tweet or viral video cannot wait until tomorrow.Depending on the make and model of the phone, you will find different options are available to you.In general, it does seem that Android operating system makes it easier for developers to offer comprehensive choices.This is a page that lists the major services with links to their webpages: Remember that the cell phone services .If your teen has an i Phone and uses i Message for texting other friends with i Phones (or i Pads or i Pods) you may need to look into some of the other options.Apple is a bit more “tight-laced” if you will, and some services only work if you jailbreak your phone, which I do not recommend.